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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 28, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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frederick county, maryland down to parts of northern virginia. on live doppler 9000 hd, i have zoomed in to loudoun, northern prince william counties. you can see it there. west of fairfax county. i need doppler, please, control room. you can see on route 50, 6:59, out of 234, if you keep going north, west of dulles and heavy rain. these are torrential downpours and they are out to upperville. northern faulkier in to loudoun right now, maybe eastern frederick, virginia seeing the heaviest of the rain. we will continue to watch that. the temperatures this morning in this tropical air mass are in the upper 60s to low 70s and with a good jumping point i think it will be a warm afternoon. especially since we will get sunshine out here. mid-70s by 9:00. showers an but as we head to the middle of the day and this afternoon, more sunshine, breezy and warm, upper 70s to maybe even 85 for a high. we'll talk about more rain coming by thursday. it is 5:01 and that means it is
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time for traffic. >> thank you, howard. good morning, everybody. overall not a bad start to our tuesday morning commute but as howard has mentioned the rain rain is not going away through the rush. may want to leave a couple of minutes early. look at the outer loop outside. looks like everything is moving fine between 95 to 270. seeing a good amount of head lights near the colesville road exit. we are all clear as we switch the cameras over. dc 295 you are looking good. 395, you are moving at speed. good morning, virginia. here's the lanes wide open. making your way to the 14th street bridge. and finally let's call it a wrap with 95 northbound from dale city up to the mixing bowl. andrea, we remain delay free. now, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. well, with the area under a flood watch, and more rain pushing in to parts of our area this morning, the commute could get messy as more people hit the roads. 9 news now reporter kristin
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fisher is keeping a watch on things in leesburg, virginia. good morning, kristin. >> hey, andrea, the rain is just now starting to come down. we were driving out here and had no problems. just a little mist. nothing too terrible but within the past 25 minutes or so the rain has started to accumulate and i will go ahead and get wet here. what do you say? put this down. just over my shoulder if we pan down here you can see the water is actually starting to rush down this street. this is downtown leesburg. right by the loudoun county courthouse and, you know, it's not a ton of accumulation yet. no big deal but you can start to see within the past five minutes we have gotten all the rain you are seeing on the ground in the past five minutes. it is really starting to accumulate rather quickly. as we head to the heart of the morning rush, the rain is expected to continue. so you know how it is. anytime there is a little bit of rain it means more time to
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the morning commute. we are expecting some heavier storms out here in leesburg and loudoun county. so the roads could be a bit, you know, couldn't be so good this morning. so definitely want to plan for extra time this morning on the morning commute if you are coming or heading in to the dc area from places out in loudoun county like leesburg but so far, aside from getting a little wet, so far so good. >> that's good to hear. get back urn the umbrella. in other news, the pentagon says it spent $47,000 to destroy almost 10,000 copies of a book it claims threatens national security. it was scheduled to be released but the pentagon had the copies cut in to shreds. >> the publisher warned them
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about the potential. >> reporter: he says he clear the book with the army when he signed a publishing contract two years ago but the pentagon says he only approached the army reserve and not the regular army or the department of defense. the publisher is redacting the material in a second edition of the book. at least 8,000 u.s. soldiers are involved in a new offensive in afghanistan. operation dragon strike is targeting the heart of taliban territory in the southern city of kandahar. u.s. commanders say there's a lot of tough fighting ahead, and with the force of close to 10,000 troops, this is the first time the afghan forces have have outnumbered their american counterparts. the verdict is guilty for a drunk driver who killed three people, including maryland native nick adenhart. he was a rookie pitcher for the los angeles angels. a california jury convicted him of second-degree murder. prosecutors say he had a blood alcohol level of almost three times the legal limit.
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gallo ran a red light causing the crash and then drove away. gallo was also driving without a license because he was on probation for a previous dui. the trial for the man accused of killing sandra levy is being pushed back. he trial was scheduled to start next week but now a judge has delayed it two weeks to october 18th to try to resolve outstanding issue on witness testimony. he has pleaded not guilty in the 2001 murder of the captiol hill intern. it is five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall after a small retreat yesterday. >> not so bad. a little pull back. this morning we are wondering how is the consumer feeling? we will find that out later this morning along with new economic reports about the housing market, and we will have to see if this information is strong enough to restart that rally on wall street. as we said, it took a breather yesterday. and in overnight trading asian stocks were mixed.
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the dow stands at 10812 after dropping 48. the nasdaq lost 11 and the s&p 500 off by six. proctor & gamble says it is going green. the maker of pampers and gillette razors announced a long-term plan to use only renewable energy to power factories. it wants to use renewable and recycled materials in products, as well. the company says the changes could take decades. the pumpkin panic is over. heavy rain ruined last year's harvest causing a short fall and had people hoarding canned pumpkin to make pies for the holidays but this year's crop is healthy and we are looking a- okay for pumpkins for halloween this year. >> we passed some the other day and it was a flock -- i don't know if that is the right word but a whole grove of beautiful orange pumpkins. so a sign of the times. what do you have coming up? >> we are getting you free coffee tomorrow an we will
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explain how in the next half hour. >> definitely want to stick around for that. thousands of gambling enthusiast were on hand for the opening of the hollywood casino in maryland. the crowd turned out despite the fact the opening was announced 12 hours ahead of time. >> the minute we opened the doors at 8:00 it has been a steady build all day. 40% of delaware casinos business has come from marylanders so i think they are anxious too spend the money in their own state. >> voters okayed it four years ago and the owners correspondent expect to create 350 job and raise millions of dollars in tax revenue. a bull fighting crowd gets out of control and finds themselves in the middle of the ring with the raging animals. that story is coming up. plus, a man who helped president obama shape many of his policies may announce he's leaving the white house this
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week. take a look at what is going on in thesis tores locker room after the game last night. we will tell you why the bubbly was flowing coming up in sports.
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a bull fight out of control left three people dead and 37 injured. the fight took a vile turn when onlookers fill to the ring and found themselves being chased and gored by bulls. an investigation is underway to find out why a vacant building fell apart. i happened yesterday afternoon at druid hill avenue and lauren street. no one was injured in the collapse. and actress gloria stewart has died. she is best known for playing
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the elser version of the character ruth in the film tacoma. that role earned her a best supporting actress nomination. stewart began to act in the 1930s in films and worked in every decade ever since. she was 100 years old. a new poll finds democrats have an up hill battle heading in to the november midterm. that story is coming up. we haven't had major flooding problems yet, but that's not the case to our south. here's howard. >> we are looking at live doppler 9000 hd this morning. scattered showers with locally heavy downpours going on to the west and northwest of washington. we will have the tuesday forecast and the seven day with even more rain when 9 news now returns. . [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at moh-ohm. max, first day... -do you have your lunch? -yes. and you know where your claroom is? uh h huh. mom, i can walk from here.
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for almost anything you choose. the storm system that is giving us a stretch of rainy days has caused street flooding. drives had trouble getting around a town of washington where the rain fell so fast the storm drain couldn't keep up. howard bernstein is saying he is not worried about today as much as thursday. >> that's rye. we will have heavy downpours the next couple of hours. some rainfall rates in an excess of an inch an hour moving quickly. the overall coverage doesn't have me greatly concerned. but another system is coming tomorrow in to thursday
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especially that could bring plenty more rain where that is from. sort of a tropical connection, even though it is not a tropical storm per say there's tropical moisture embedded in the flow right now. we have a flash flood watch until 8:00 for counties in green surrounding the metro. go south toward fredericksburg and faulkier county to culpeper you are not in it but southern maryland is. the heavy rain threat hover the next couple of hours will be on the metro and shift north and east of dc through the later morning hours and better shape this afternoon. big picture right now. i want to show you what is happening with the storm system to the west bringing in the moisture. we are clearing back to charlottesville and this is rotating through us with some showers west of richmond and south of richmond. on live doppler 9000 hd i am watching the action here. we have some heavier stuff west side of wilderness but clearly to the west in loudoun county,
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virginia, crossing in to maryland. heavy rains and even in to blue month and jefferson county. purcellville to the west. leesburg where kristin fisher is seeing some rain but the heavy stuff is poolesville many montgomery county through ashburn and dulles and this is lifting to the north northeast up to frederick, maryland where you are going to get it pretty good here. most of this through dickerson, and frederick, this will be on you in the next couple of minutes. so pretty tough ride from hagerstown this morning. the bus stop, you can expect, of course, some showers out there. locally heavy rain. it is a warm morning as temperatures are in the 60s to low 70s with sunrise not until 7:01. today at a glance, some showers at 9:00. 75. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. still a stray shower mainly east at noon. 8 of and 5:00 temperature low to mid-80s depending on how much sunshine for a high.
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tonight partly cloudy skies and cooling down. tomorrow, a little sun in the morning and afternoon clouds with a late shower possible, especially south. highs around 75. temperatures this morning in the upper 60s to low 70s almost across the board here. college park at 72 and 67 coming in from hay market. national 72 with cloudy skies and a southeast wind at 8 and high humidity. i want to show you where the next rain maker is coming from. this is our system pulling away but down here in the western caribbean maybe a tropical system and that moisture is flowing toward us. so we will be receiving more rain before the week is out. some showers today. heavy this morning sun this actual. breezy and 83. 75 tomorrow. more heavy rain is possible on thursday and then we cool down, especially by the weekend. sunday and monday's highs in the low 60s. it is 5:17. thank you, howard. wake up, everybody. we are working on making this a great day despite the rain to
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start us off. begin with a look outside on 66 in virginia. heading eastbound we are watching the spray. overall no complaints, though, making your way from 50 to 495. back to the maps we go. and we zoom in to the inner and outer loop in virginia. still looking at a drive that's at speed between 95 up to 66. continuing on to that american legion bridge. hey, maryland, 270, we are tracking it and it is already starting to fill out around germantown road an seeing a good amount of congestion starting to build from this point to 370. that delay is on the way. and finally let's take a glance at route 4, route 5 and 301. just the usual volume. andrea, back to you. thank you, angie. a new poll reveals voters are ready to shift the balance of power in washington. according to the politico gw battleground survey, more americans believe a republican led congress would do better job creating jobs than
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president obama although they blame republicans for the current mess they are calling on michelle obama and bill clinton to try to improve chances on election day which is five weeks from today. the democrats are trying to repeat the surge in young voters which helped president obama win two years ago. a group of officials will attend moving america forward rallies across the country. in our area, health and human services secretary will headline a rally at the university of maryland samuel rigs alumni center. it starts at 6:00 p.m. the white house chief of staff could announce his plans to leave the obama administration as soon as friday. former congressman rahm emmanuel is expected to run for mayor of chicago. the mayoral run became a more intriguing possibility several weeks ago when richard daly announced he was not running for re-election. tonight the two people hoping to be the governor of the nation's most populous state square off in a series of
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debates. the democratic attorney general jerry brown a one-time presidential candidate and former governor has spent four decades in politics. he leads republican mega whitman by a few points this the polls. the former ceo of ebay has never held political office. the nationals get a taste of postseason joy thanks to their opponent. and plus as the wizards tip off their fall practice schedule, arenas makes his first public appearance since going to jail. and let's see who's celebrating a birthday today --
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the last time we saw arenas in public he was before a judge pleading guilty to federal gun
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charges. a surly and seemingly disinterested arenas made his appearance yesterday at wizards media day. sporting a scruffy beard an a new number nine on his uniform he offered no apology for his behavior or message to fans because grim declaration that the days of the happy go lucky gilbert arenas are officially over. >> only place i'm going to smile is on the court. you know, that's where my job and love is. so that's the only time i need to smile now. >> i think he is taking the right approach, as far as a serious approach because, you know, that's what we have to do as a team. >> reporter: interesting approach. nats hosting the phillies on monday. wto drives a suffer ball to center. two score to make it 3-0 phils. in the ninth, roy halladay
5:24 am
facing evidence pin knossos is a and to go the distance as the phillies blank the nats and clench the title here in dc. as snookered as the redskins must feel for giving haynesworth $100 million they must feel twice as snookered for giving him all of that money and are having the worst defense in all of football. that is what they have. sunday's loss to the rams drops the skins 1-2, the same record last year at this time under jim zorn. it is still early for shanahan but perhaps he dunn walk on water after all. >> big concern is 3rddowns. what we have to do is get people off the field and get bear in that area. >> we are one step behind. condition make a stop or a play when we needed to. we fought back as a team but it one enough. >> reporter: punner auditions
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today at redskins park and tomorrow preparations begin for donovan's reunion with the eagles. have a great tuesday, everybody. you may dread that but won have to dread the irs tax form arriving in the mail next year. find out why in the next "living $mart" report. and the remains of a saint arrive in the area with a special ceremony for today. it is 5:25. here's angie with a look at the traffic on the wet roadways. >> wet roadways means you want to watch the speed. no trouble to report on the dulles toll road. we have more road conditions and your wet weather report with howard when 9 news now no hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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. do you have an umbrella on stand by? some people out last night needed them but how long will we need them today? welcome back to 9 news now.
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i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this tuesday morning. angie goff is here. she will have the traffic in a moment. who's moving, who's slowing down on the thick roadways, here's howard with more on the forecast and how long we will see the heavy downpour. >> another three or four hours we will be dealing with the rain. showers through midday and the afternoon is much better and then late wednesday in to thursday when a semi tropical if not tropical system could head this way. get you started with live doppler 9000 hd because we of town we are watching heavy rains now in parts of northwestern montgomery county. you see it there german found and clarksburg, up to urbana and frederick there and we have heavy showers returning to areas now south of warrenton. this is back through southern faulkier and prince william county where they have the heavy showers now and harpers ferry is seeing heavy downpours. it is moving north through frederick and eastern washington county. big picture. the shower and storms are
5:30 am
moving to the north and northeast. lightning is confined to showers off shore. upper 60s and low 70s. warm this afternoon. high temperatures low 80s. might be as warm as 85. it is 5:30. we have wet streets. we want you to use extra caution for the morning commute. on the outer loop, more volume is starting to build as we move it outside and show you between university and georgia. no stein to report out this way. on inbound new york avenue, the drive through northeast and tracking it all morning and looks like the delay set in around the washington times building past this point at bladensburg road. look at virginia 395 northbound. we are tracking a small delay between duke and seminary. back to you. some parts of our area are dealing with another round of rain this morning, and you know a soggy commute can be a long ride in to work.
5:31 am
9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live in leesburg with a look at conditions there. you were being rained on before. is it still raining? >> it is still raining. we were getting jumped on the last time we saw you a half hour ago but right now not too bad. i can at least stand out here without an umbrella. if you look at this street light you can see it is coming down at a pretty good rate. enough that it is probably going to cause some issues for drivers as they make their way in to work this morning. but, you know, for a lot of people this is actually a welcome sight. the weather channel actually just named this day, washington, d.c. the title of the worst summer weather in the entire country. and a lot of it had to do with the fact that we didn't get a lot of rain. there's been a drought in the dc area. so for a lot of people here this is good news. they want to see some green lawns and this is going to help with that a little bit this
5:32 am
morning. for drives, forly it will probably cause an issue for the morning commute. we will tack on a few extra minutes at the at least. you know how people are when it rains and causes them to slow down a little bit and for good reason. but for the most part, there shouldn't be any major issue on the roadways, at least here in leesburg and we're not seeing anything terrible at this point in time. a little bit of rain and a little bit of backup on the roadways in terms of water running down to the drains. back to you. >> thank you. two maryland teenagers are under arrest after a 2-year-old boy shot himself in the chest. it happened at an apartment on little elliott drive in hagerstown, maryland. police say the toddler found the loaded gun under his 16- year-old brother's bed. the 2-year-old is in critical condition at children's hospital here in dc. officers say the brother had stolen the gun and hidden it urn the bed. his girlfriend is accused of
5:33 am
trying to hide the weapon at a nearby playground after the shooting. both teens face charges as adults. doctors are working to save a 1-year-old child critically injured in this crash in brandywine, maryland on monday. the child was in the car with two youngster and two adults. the car hit a tree first responders say the 1-year-old was unconscious during the helicopter flight to the hospital. everyone else in the car escaped with minor injuries. a justice department prosecutor, who was part of the team that won a conviction against senator ted stevens has killed himself. department officials say nicholas a marsh committed suicide on monday. there is an investigation in 0 to what marsh and other investigators in the case acted improperly. he conviction was later overturned. this afternoon senator stevens will be buried at arlington national cemetery. he won the distinguished flying
5:34 am
cross. stevens is one of five people killed in a plane crash in southwest alaska. four passengers from the dc area survived that crash. this morning the national shrine is welcoming the arrival of a saint. crews unloaded the relic of st. john bosco, also known as don bosco. the wax figure of the sane and an urn containing some of his remains is traveling an the world. he became known for looking our for young people during the start of the industrial revolution. the display weighs almost 1 ton. the shrine will be open to the public with a special mass for saint bosco at 6:30 tonight. time for another "living $mart" report and jessica doyle has a big change from in the taxman. >> i hope you are not too attached to paper tax forms because they are going bye-bye. the irs plans to stop mailing instructions and paper forms
5:35 am
for annual income tax returns. the "washington post" reports i will save the agency $10 million a year. of course as more americans are filing on-line now days. mails including the 1040s incolluded 44 pages last year. that's a lot of paper. jen and jerries is dropping the -- ben and jerry's is dropping the term all natural from its products. the change will be phased in gradually across the product lines. here's a money saver for you. wusa is getting you a free cup of coffee tomorrow in honor of national coffee day. i will be reporting live from 7:00 to 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can come until noon at that he case and get a free drip cup of coffee. swing by, say hi ange coffee an hang out. >> i like that.
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a lot of fans will come by to say good morning and for the free coffee. >> and to see you. >> the coffee has nothing to do with it. >> we were talking about natural versus not natural with the ben andierries. this is something not natural but if you want something exotic for your fish tank, a company has put a protein gene in to the angel fish. eventually the company plans to sell the glowing angel fish for $30 each. a bank president invites his customers to bring in their guns. that story is coming up. today captiol hill hearings begin on how to improve gas line safety after the awful neighborhood explosion in southern california. here's angie. still nice and quiet. problem free out on fox hall and canal. we have more on the top news
5:37 am
next. stay with us.
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welcome back. hope you are off to a terrific tuesday. we are traveling on the gw parkway heading southbound from the beltway to 123. no incidents or accidents to report. more realtime traffic coming up. in the news now at 5:39, this afternoon a senate committee will hold a hearing in to the gas pipeline explosion in san bruno, california this month as well as accidents involving natural gas. witnesses will testify about the safety of such lines and the gas itself. officials in california and elsewhere may try to ban sales of a drink called por loco. some say they blacked out after drinking just one can and others say they have become violently ill. a bank near houston says it is welcoming customers with concealed carry permits to bring their guns inside.
5:40 am
the bank's president believes the policy discourages would be robbers and apparently it is good for business. the bank president said several people have opened new accounts because of their pro gun stance. today the push to change rules for teenager drivers comes to captiol hill. that story is coming up. we may have had a lot to complain about this summer but even our highest temperatures pail in comparison to yesterday in los angeles. here's howard. we have the umbrella in northwest but it is closed at the moment. other stories are showing up on live doppler 9000 hd. we will look at that and talk about a tropical connection to the next system when 9 news now returns. ring ring. progresso.
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everyday i eat your soups instead of going out to lunch, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your delicious rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. well, i'm rich because... i know, i get it. i laughed. and i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes, your pearl onions. well, you know, everything you want to eat for lunch is right in there. so you're really, rich and happy. yeah see, i like rich and hearty better. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. we have had a lot of experience with hot weather this summer but los angeles went to the record books on monday. the official temperature there reached 113 degrees. shattering the city's all-time
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highest temperature record. the calendar may say it is fall but the city's temperatures have been averaging 20 degrees above normal since last week. >> like walking in to the oven. you feel the heat through the shoes and intensity and you can see the heat swells off thes a fall. >> reporter: while low humidity levels may make it slightly more bearable it is bad news for firefighters. any small fires could spread quickly and they are asking for people to be prepared for that. watch where you drop your cigarette, lighter or ashes because it could start a mayor problem as we have reported. i was telling howard a while ago i was in cumberland, maryland and wonderful people we met there but going there the fog, oh my goodness you could not see, not just your hand in front of your face but the vehicle in front of you in some parts. >> they got the fog while we had peeks of sunshine.
5:45 am
our old time record is 106 in comparison. they had the santa ana winds out of the mountains. around here this morning we have a flash flood watch in affect for parts of the area, the metro region until 8:00. south and west, you are not in the watch any longer and we have been watching this area of rain or areas of showers i should say moving to the north northeast in waves from yesterday morning and afternoon. last night and again this morning, you see some of the heavier stuff north and west of town and south of town. here we go on live doppler 9000 hd. and we will show you what is happening. we have showers which moved in to southern maryland. these are generally light to moderate ones. heavier stuff to the south and now the north. we will zoom in on live doppler 9000 hd. the fist stop takes us to frederick and carroll county now. this is moving to the north. this will be in pennsylvania in the next little while. some breaks showing up in to jefferson county, west
5:46 am
virginia. southern fred ridge county, out of 340. loudoun county a few showers and montgomery county, 270 coming from urbana our of frederick you have wet weather and heavier through southern loudoun, western parts of prince william county and extreme eastern and southern faulkier. the bus stop forecast, some 60s and mid 80s. sun isn't up until 7:01 and today showers, a better chance at 9:00. isolated and leftover at noon and breezy for the drive home with 81 an enough sunshine we could get to 85 in spots today. partly cloudy, cooler. 55 to 62 tonight. lighter winds shifting to the northwest at five.
5:47 am
and 6:56 on the sunset. tomorrow the clouds increase with late showers possible. highs around 75. we have 69 in rockville and arlington. 70 andrews and brandywine. to the west 69 in centreville with the rain in manassas 68. leesburg sits at 70 and mason neck we have 69 degrees. cloudy at national. winds from the south southeast at 8 an the humidity is 87%. the moisture continues to stream northward. although in southwestern virginia we are clearing out. low pressure is in ohio. it will pull away. we will clear out some later on today and tonight but tomorrow look at how quickly the clouds come back. here we are tomorrow morning. watch the moisture build during the day in the carolinas and then tomorrow in to thursday morning, this thing explodes over us. we could have inches of rain on thursday. some of the computer models, three, four, more than that even inches of rain possible on thursday. watch out this morning for the rain. some this afternoon.
5:48 am
tomorrow 75. heavy rain again possible on thursday and then cooler, and i mean much cooler over the week. here's angie. all right. thank you, howard. 12 minutes from the 6:00 hour. and right now, as we look at our maps we have an incident to tell you about fist. as we move it outside, 95 northbound, a report of an accident. and this is in the lorton area. we are hearing it is in the express lanes. we are looking at the main slow goes an the prince william parkway up to that point. over to 66 at route 15. this is in haymarket. we have more crash activity. it is taking away the right lane. past that point is where the slow go is setting in between 50 and 123. and using the brakes again, trying to get to that capital beltway. maryland, 270, still watching the same old thing but just getting bigger when we talk about the delay stretching from 118 germantown road to 370. and finally wrap with the map. 95 an the bw parkway. no incidents or accidents on either of these roads.
5:49 am
smooth sailing from 32 to powder mill on both of them. >> today an effort to reduce teen driving crashes comes before congress. nearly identical versions of a bill called the standup act have been introduced in the house and senate. tara mergener has more. >> jeannie was just 15 when she was killed in a car driven by her best friend eight years ago. >> then they hit like a ditch, embankment on the side of the road, causing the vehicle they were riding in to flip five times. >> reporter: today her father, jim, will head to captiol hill, hoping to prevent other parents from suffering the same pain. he'll join connecticut senator chris dodd in urging congress to pass new legislation. it would push states to adopt new driver licensing laws for teens across the country. >> i hope to accomplish for everyone to hear my story as well as others and to get the standup act passed. >> reporter: motor vehicle crashes are the number one
5:50 am
killer of american teens. according to federal officials, advocates say if the proposal becomes law, nearly 4,000 teen lives could be saved every year. under the standup act, drivers would have to be 16 to get a permit and 18 for a full license. teens would have to be supervised while driving at night until they are 18. cell phone use would be strictly prohibited while behind the wheel and teen drivers would be allowed only one friend in the car under 21. jim portel is convinced if the law was in place eight years ago his daughter would still be alive. >> i think the driver in the car she was with was distracted. there were so many kids in the car. their cell phones were all over the ground. >> reporter: and it isn't just drivers and passengers. advocates say the standup act could save thousands of pedestrians, as well. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. states that adopt a new guidelines would be rewarded
5:51 am
with eligibility for grants and those that don't comply with face cuts in federal high spending. one big concern is distracted driving and we encourage you to join wusa 9 in the great hang upcampaign and pledge not to text or talk behind the wheel. and if you have been affected by a distracted driver and want to share your story, go to the great hangup page at or call us at 202-895-5960. a twitter auction involving celebrities a their fans raises more than a half million dollars. that story is coming up in entertainment news. plus, a look at how severe budget cutting proposals could impact hundreds of thousands of montgomery county residents. jessica? >> an indestructible hard drive, a home phone that works with your cell phone? some of the cool new products we are trying out for your home office and they are all affordable. details coming up at 6:05. you are watching 9 news now.
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george lopez and his wife are filing for divorce. those dreaming to be followed by their favorite star on twitter have raised $540,000 in a twitter auction. called twit change. the auction allowed them to pledge money to rebuild haiti and be followed by one of 180 participating celebrities. shortly after announcing he will not be running for president of haiti, wyclef jean is hospitalized for exhaustion. the two-time grammy award winner has been working on a new album. his spokesman said he is recuperating at home and should be back to work within the week. in local buzz, all things switzerland annual celebration. the swiss embassy hosted the soiree. they celebrated with arts,
5:56 am
culture and fashion and there were vendors sell bying business and charity. >> one of the ideas has always been to give back. we have chosen a foundation that is -- [ inaudible ] >> this is the ninth year of the event which was formerly known as the ambassador's garden party in dc. a world wide even to encourage good heat health has dc taking part in world heart day. the american college of cardiology celebrated by holding a pedometer challenge and offering free boot camp an pilates classes. the highest stepper won a surprise. they recorded 56-miles in 24 hours. send in your picture and
5:57 am
videos today and send story ideas to me on facebook and twitter also. back to you. police are on the list for potential budget cuts in montgomery couldn't as county executive ike leggett says all options are on the table to standle another financial crisis there. he is looking across the board cuts of 10 to 15% to dell with a short fall of between 100 million and $200 million. since he says he is not considering more taxes now that will mean fewer services. >> reporter: it is not just the lousy national economy hammering local governments last wineries snow was a costly surprise to county buggers. >> we sent $17 million in winter storms. >> a drop in the budget following a year with a billion dollar budget hole that led to the biggest county cut backs in modern history. >> we cut a lot of things last year that we didn't want to cut and there will be more next year are. >> reporter: libraries, for
5:58 am
example, 160 positions, shorter hour and angry patrons like robin just after 8:00. >> the library is closed and the orthing that really annoys me with the library is now we have to pay to park. >> reporter: the county executive is telling them to prepare for 10 to 15% cuts in the month ahead and he has no decision on the size of hits to be taken by schools, public safety and county employees. >> we have to make sure we treat them fairly and they are part of the solution as we go forward and we want to try to protect as many jobs as possible. >> reporter: costly employee benefit packages. >> you put the focus on people and the services you need to provide to them and if that means you pay your employees a little less, and perhaps they don't get as big of a retirement benefit, so be it. >> reporter: but -- >> everything is on the table at this point. >> reporter: that 10 to 15% reduction is what is needed across the board. if the county decides that schools or public safety should be hit less, something else
5:59 am
will get hit more. 9 news now. thank you for watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with the forecast. some showers moving through the area. >> some areas are like it is cloudy and muggy outside and others are getting torrential downpours. once again heavy showers east of leesburg. looks like poolesville will get in on it. ashburn. look at how these are moving north northeast. this is what we are watching as it lifts there and that's the heaviest of the stuff there going down south. western fairfax county in to manassas. what. watch for that. and few scattered showers scattered about. a bigger picture how the waves of showers are coming through. a break to south and west. in fact, i think over the next few hours probably the worst of the weather. as we widen the picture to charlottesville and roanoke we are pretty much done. so this will shift to the rt
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